Agile is Our Attitude

Mainstream Agile (As You Know It)

The buzz word “Agile” in the mainstream usually refers to a vision of agile related to software development methodologies. It’s built around key practices like:

  1. Design or Development Stories (sometimes with story points)
  2. Standups
  3. Weekly check-ins
  4. Iterations
  5. Kanban or other organization systems
  6. Retrospectives to help improve
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

Goals and People

Now that we have our goal in mind, and lot of agile practices will help us:

  • Breaking up larger goals into smaller chunks helps get things done. (We break up large projects into smaller iterations, so we can show progress and reassess every 20 to 40 hours.)
  • Working in sprints, putting work in priority order, and completing highest priority first
  • Knowing what branding or software needs to do is naturally helpful, so we create clear user stories to describe what we’re going to build

It’s not One-Size-Fits-All

If there is one thing that’s clear from all our experience, doing projects long and short for customers large and small, it is that one size does not fit all:

  • Incremental progress is great, but can you iterate all the way to launch and make a web architecture that won’t crumble or go into a dangerous state if something fails?

How Is Agile an Attitude?

To work agile we need to actually be agile. This means use the word agile in the same way everyone does. Be flexible. Understand the principles of agile development, but be ready to throw away the rule book change lanes when it’s not working exactly for this client or that software project. Be willing to improvise, adapt and grow for the situation.

Agile is a Principle, Not a Rule

At Wooster Creative, we use a lot of methods from the standard agile processes. We’ve divided work into sprints for years and iterated our way through a numerous software projects. Our clients touch base with us weekly during active production, and we have weekly stand-ups and retrospective reviews internally. Yes, we’ve written more user stories than Agatha Christie. But we also know that iterations, retros and stories are a means to an end. When they make sense, we use them. When they don’t we let them go. Agile isn’t a rule book, it’s a set or principles. Our focus is on making awesome brands and products users actually want to use. We help our clients crystalize their goals, really understand the people they’re trying to connect with, and set them up with technology to help them get there.




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