Why We Don’t Just “do a logo”

  • How can you evaluate if a brand is working?
  • How can you study a market and identify opportunity?
  • How do you transform a brand strategy into a visual identity?
  • What are clients really asking for when they ask for a brand?
  • How can we effectively hand-off a brand to a client ensuring they follow the Brand Guidelines we give them?

What is included in branding?

Your brand is your message to the world, your values, visuals, purpose, mission, and reputation. A single logo cannot convey all of these things alone. It takes a combination of the right copy, visuals, and marketing to convey your entire brand.

Marketing Efforts without Strong Branding Won’t Convert

Let’s get down to brass tacks. We find many entrepreneurs leap into their business with a quick logo and start investing thousands into their marketing. The problem is, the traffic you’re purchasing to come to your page means nothing if your message and visuals aren’t strongly communicating and connecting with your ideal customer. IE, you’re wasting your money.

Your Branding Needs to be Created in Multiple Variations for Different Mediums

How does a one-off logo with a small tagline look printed on a letter head? Is it still legible? Probably not. Does your one-off logo work as a logo on a mobile device at a small screen size for an iphone mini? Can you use that logo on a sticker? Does it fit on your business card?Does it work on a shirt?



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Violette Calhoun

Violette Calhoun

Creating bold, elegant designs that tell stories. Art director for Wooster Creative. Tell me about your project ➡️ https://woostercreative.com/contact/